What is Lava?

Where are we?

Who are we?

How does it work?

What is Lava?

LAVA is a visual arts company that subverts the gallery model, the agency model and the curatorial-collective model by combining them all into a new horizontal approach.


We build production, curatorial and advisory teams for emerging and mid-career artists from around the world working in any media and at any stage of the artistic process. We specialise in helping create ambitious art projects while nurturing the relationships and mental health of the artists we work with.

From LAVA we champion new models of working with young artists based on true teamwork, as well as the recognition of the visual arts as a profession in its own right.


As an art project dedicated to changing the relationship between artists, curators, galleries and institutions, we encourage above all collaborations across different specialists, cultural institutions and individuals who would like to invest in art projects and work with our network of artists.


We are lava, we like to merge, fusion and collaborative practices are at our core.

Where are we?

LAVA is based in London but operates internationally, with a strong presence in Amsterdam, Madrid and the Canary Islands, where the core of our founders and network of artists are originally from.


LAVA is a trademark of Ultraperipheric Ltd., a company registered in England Reg. No: 10869132.

Who are we?

LAVA was co-founded by Belinda Martín and Paula Ramos Mollá in London in the summer of 2019 with a clear aim in mind: to inspire and help artists to do the things that inspire them for a living.

Co-founder and Director

Belinda is a London-based artist consultant, curator, entrepreneur and visual arts producer. A graduate from King’s College London, she holds a PhD in Classics, an MA in Classical Art & Archaeology and a BA in Art History. From 2020 she co-runs the arts programme of Habitación Número 34, a project space based in Madrid focussed on site-specific installations by young emerging artists. Prior to this, she has worked in several contemporary art galleries and institutions internationally, including KCL, MTArt, Musée d’Art Classique de Mougins and Max Estrella Gallery.

Co-founder and Artist Liaison & Press Director

Paula is a curator, researcher and writer based in Amsterdam. Having graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Humanities and Journalism from the Carlos III University, she has recently finished her Research MA in Philosophy at the University of Amsterdam. In addition to writing regularly for her own and others’ media, Paula has experience working with and at various communications and cultural management companies.

In-house designer

Pau Jiménez is an architect, graphic designer and digital artist based in Madrid interested in human interaction with the virtual through a critical and intimate lens. Her practice revolves around augmented and virtual reality, 3D modelling and user’s behaviour-reactive physical pieces.


Legal advisor

Alberto González Pulido is an intellectual property and commercial law consultant specialised in cultural law and freedom of expression. He’s also a researcher at the National Library of Spain, the Museo de Arte Reina Sofía, and at CED.MACB; coordinator of GAN Spain for Freemuse and director of AICAV; and member of several cultural institutions, such as the Spanish Association of Cultural Heritage Managers, the Platform for the Defence of Freedom of Information, among many others.

Communications trainee

Marina Mora is a community manager and digital cultural creator based between Amsterdam and Barcelona. After undertaking her minor at the University of Amsterdam in Media, Culture and Film Studies, she’s currently studying a BA in Communication and Cultural Industries at the University of Barcelona, whilst also working for art institutions such as the Museu d’Art Nacional de Catalunya.

Arts assistant producer

Claudia Arroyo is a graphic designer based in Madrid. She graduated from ESNE in Graphic Design in 2020. Her work revolves around the anime and manga culture, taken references from these imaginaries and re-appropriating them with her own aesthetic. She is interested in establishing connections between social media and artistic practices, mainly focusing on Twitch. Among others, Claudia takes part on artistic projects such as Reflexin.

How does it work?

For artists
If you have a project and want to get us involved, send us your project proposal along with your portfolio at info@lavaproject.com and based on the quality of the proposal and profile our team will contact you.


For brands and other commercial clients
Drop up us an email to create an arts project with the most ambitious up-and-coming artists, no matter where you’re based. We operate worldwide.