Kamiel Rongen

Kamiel Rongen (Melderslo, 1987) is an Amsterdam-based artist, filmmaker and music composer whose work investigates the visualization of sounds in an abstract manner. It focuses particularly on the visual and acoustic appeal of liquids, along with the creation of visual landscapes for his musical compositions. Usually, Kamiel’s video installations begin by producing a piece of music, to which he later adds mesmerizing, fluid art visuals. His Waterballets (2019) series are created by combining numerous physical materials, such as different paints and water, which he mixes up and adds to a water tank at different pressures to obtain various digital-like effects, tapping into, and blurring, the relationship between the digital and the material realms.



‘Rose Quartz’, 2020, video art for Roger & Brian Eno

‘Alligator’, 2019, video art for Of Monsters and Men

‘Barbapapa’ (still), 2018

‘Tunnel III’, 2018. Installation view, FRAME, Milan Design Week, Milan

‘De tuin van Julin’ (excerpt), 2018

‘De tuin van Julin’ (still), 2018

‘Modular embryo’ (excerpt), 2018

‘The golden shower resort’ (excerpt), 2018

‘Universe in my noodle bowl’ (excerpt), 2018

Group Exhibitions


· FRAME, Milan Design Week, Milan, Italy

· Mediamatic, permanent installation, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

· Geek Picnic, Moscow, Russia


Solo Exhibitions


· Waterballet, TAC Eindhoven, Eindhoven, The Netherlands


Project Commissions and Collaborations


· Shift Souls, video footage for Iris van Herpen

· Alligator, music video clip Of Monsters and Men

· Wild Roses, music video for Of Monsters and Men

· Wars, music video for Of Monsters and Men


· Rose Quartz, video art for Roger & Brian Eno

· One & One, video art for Sebastian Plano & Maarten Vos